Pioneer Crew - Crew Rules

Our Bylaws dictate how we operate and are open to examination by any member. They may be changed if enough members vote in favour of the proposed change.  

Bylaws that are, clearly, against the CVFR Constitution are considered in error and do not require approval to correct the shortcomings. The same is true for correction of spelling errors etc.

CVFRLRRP-Bylaw1-UnitManagement.pdf CVFRLRRP-Bylaw1-UnitManagement.pdf
Size : 69.584 Kb
Type : pdf
CVFRLRRP-Bylaw2-UnitExecutive.pdf CVFRLRRP-Bylaw2-UnitExecutive.pdf
Size : 59.627 Kb
Type : pdf
CVFRLRRP-Bylaw3-FinancialManagement.pdf CVFRLRRP-Bylaw3-FinancialManagement.pdf
Size : 56.688 Kb
Type : pdf
CVFRLRRP-Bylaw4-MembershipManagement.pdf CVFRLRRP-Bylaw4-MembershipManagement.pdf
Size : 78.012 Kb
Type : pdf

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