Pioneer Crew - Ride With Us!

Membership in The Pioneer Crew is subject to the approval of the unit Executive just the same as any other CVFR unit. In addition, applications for transfer from other CVFR units must be approved by both the CVFR LRRP (Pioneer Crew) President and the National President.

If you are a current CVFR member looking to transfer to The Pioneer Crew, please send an email to your unit President as well as the CVFR LRRP President and CVFR National President ( and your application will be considered.

If you are not a current CVFR member and you wish to join The Pioneer Crew, download and complete the application form from the National Web Site ( and then send it to the President of CVFR LRRP. We want new riders (and non-riders) from across the country and, indeed, across the globe!

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