Pioneer Crew - New with The Crew

Nominations/Volunteers Sought for Unit Executive

August 8, 2011
The Pioneer Crew will be holding elections soon. Nominations and/or volunteers for the position of Unit President and Sergeant at Arms are open until 19 Aug 2011 at which time a vote will be held. If nobody is nominated or volunteers, the National President will be asked to seek or appoint members to the posts.

Revocation of Membership - Slick

June 22, 2011
This item is to officially announce the revocation of membership in CVFR for Slick. His membership has been revoked, as of 22 June 2011, for failure to repay money that he owed to another member.
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Welcome Rev

June 22, 2011
I am proud to announce the newest addition to the Pioneer Crew, Rev. He will be carrying the colours for us in Orleans, Ontario.
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The Pioneer Crew has changed its Membership Qualifications

May 14, 2011
For a couple of weeks, the members have been having an internal discussion regarding whether or not to allow members to maintain membership in other Motorcycle or Riding Clubs. After having heard back from the members and considering their concerns, the overwhelming opinion is in favour of NOT allowing Pioneer Crew members to be members of other MCs or RCs.

A new bylaw has been published, as of today, prohibiting Pioneer Crew members from holding membership in other Motorcycle or Riding Clubs....

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Welcome Magik

May 6, 2011
I am proud to announce the newest addition to the Pioneer Crew, Magik. He will be carrying the colours for us in Bancroft, Ontario.
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Welcome Garry

May 6, 2011
Help me to welcome the newest member of the Pioneer Crew : Garry Martin (aka Garry).

Garry will be flying the colours in Hudson's Hope BC

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Welcome Tom and Snap

April 26, 2011
The Pioneer Crew is proud to welcome back Tom, a former member of CVFR Ottawa and we are equally proud to welcome our new Brother from London, Ontario, Snap. 

I served with Snap for many years in the Svc Bn and I am especially proud that he chose our unit to join. He knows quality when he sees it.

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Vets Helping Vets

April 9, 2011
As you all know, The Pioneer Crew held its inaugural event and decided to use the event to raise funds for a veteran who had fallen through the crack. You can find the story of Steve Discher here :

We put together a pool night and invited CVFR National and Ottawa as well as some other clubs. The event was a great success. You can see the pics here :
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Welcom Hillbilly

February 23, 2011
I am proud to welcome the newest member of the Pioneer Crew, Hillbilly.

Hillbilly will be representing the CVFR in Powell River BC. He is a Veteran and serving member of the CF Rangers.

Please help me welcome Hillbilly to the club and make sure to look him up if you will be out in his neck of the woods.

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Welcome CVFR PEI

February 22, 2011
As per the decision of the National President, as of February 22nd, 2011, all members of CVFR PEI are transferred to CVFR LRRP. Welcome Lesli, Slick and Red to the Pioneer Crew!
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